Check out some of my works

Terrace FI

Terrace is a YC backed company that provides market access to the world’s leading centralized and decentralized crypto trading and liquidity venues through a single, integrated platform. This is a platform similar to Binance but targeted towards businesses rather than individual customers. Even though personal accounts are also supported.

React | TypeScript | Next JS | Graph QL | Apollo GraphQL Playground | Node JS | Aphrodite CSS | MOBX | Git | GitHub | AWS


Triptimizer is an innovative web application designed to streamline the process of planning and optimizing your trips. With Triptimizer, you can effortlessly generate the most efficient routes for your journeys, taking into account either the shortest distance or the shortest time to reach multiple destinations.

React | TypeScript | Next JS | CSS Modules | SCSS | Simpler State | React Hook Form | Git | GitHub | Vercel | Node JS | Restful Api | Postman | Vercel KV (a Redis Store) | Google Places Api | Google Distance Matrix Api | Google Sheets Api

Love Message

Love Message is a fun project that encrypts and decrypts a message. // love message

React | TypeScript | Next JS | CSS Modules | SCSS | Simpler State | Git | GitHub | Vercel


Yawo is a platform that gives quick loan to small businesses especially traders.

React | Next JS | Styled Components | Simpler State | Contentful | Git | GitHub | Netlify

Account Report

Account Report is an accounting software developed to make financial data entry easy & generating financial reports even easier. See Screenshots on Angel

PHP | TALL STACK | Tailwind CSS | Alpine JS | Laravel 8 | Laravel Livewire | Git | Github | CI/CD | Heroku

Reventify App

Reventify is a progressive web application that provides professionals with the resources and tools needed to advance their careers. Career planning tool and CV Builder with Expert Insights / Smart Suggestions.
Visit Reventify Official Website for more information about her features. See Screenshots on Angel

React | Redux | Next JS | PWA | Vercel | SCSS | CSS Grid | FIGMA | Git | Github | CI/CD | Node JS | GraphQL Client | Google Cloud Platform (GCP) | Puppeteer // for downloading CV as PDF


Agridata by Agriteer. The aim of the project is to create a place for people to get the latest average market price for common day to day commodities such as Beans, Rice etc. See Screenshots on Angel

PHP | TALL STACK | Tailwind CSS | Alpine JS | Laravel 8 | Laravel Livewire | Git | Github | CI/CD | Heroku | Excel Sheet Import


IFSGRANT is an application built for managing forest population data within a region or location. Registered Users can upload statistics generated from field research into the system which will then automatically calculate other statistics using preset formulas. IFSGRANT API V1 Documentation

PHP | TALL STACK | Tailwind CSS | Alpine JS | Laravel 8 | Laravel Livewire | Git | Github | CI/CD | Heroku | Excel Sheet Import


Oyoyo is an application built for tailors, weavers and other artisans for client management and work orders. Oyoyo aims to connect fashionistas to quality tailors and weavers by showcasing their works in a lookbook (a social feed inspired by tiktok) with ability to engage with artisans via liking, commenting or sharing their media post, as well as calling or chatting with registered tailors and weavers.

React | Redux | Next JS | Vercel | SCSS | CSS Grid | FIGMA | Git | Gitlab | CI/CD | Node JS | MongoDB | Mongoose | Socket IO | Paystack Payments API


Heroshe Website

Buy products from any trusted US online store using your Heroshe US Shipping Address and Heroshe will ship and deliver your package to you.

Craft CMS | Twig | SCSS | Git | Docker | Gitlab | CI/CD | Zeplin

Heroshe Web Application

Nuxt JS | SCSS | Git | Jest | Gitlab | CI/CD | Zeplin


words are limitless : is a word game that tests your knowledge of English words. Tapword provides a means to combine as many letters as you can to make the longest word you possibly can when given a limited number of random letters.

React | Next JS | SCSS | CSS Grid | Spellchecker Api | Vercel | PWA

C & I Leasing Chatbot Forms

webview forms developed for C & I Leasing Oracle ODA Chatbot. The forms are integrated with the client's car reservation API (test environment). Car Reservation Form, Hertz Feedback Form and Hertz Feedback Dashboard. The forms are also designed to look like Google Forms.

React | Next JS | SCSS | CSS Grid | Git | Gitlab | CI/CD | Node JS


a portal that provides information about COVID-19 coronavirus. Resources, Statistics, Risk Assessment Form and Risk Assessment Dashboard.

React | Next JS | SCSS | CSS Grid | Git | Gitlab | CI/CD | Node JS

Trade Finance UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design and Prototyping of a Trade Solution in progress ...

FIGMA | Adobe Illustrator


an electronic voting platform for managing elections, polls and other election processes

PHP | Laravel | Vue | GitBook | Bitbucket


Edgetechies, is a company passionate about designing & building compelling digital products, managing projects/brands and equipping everyday people/organizations to leverage new technologies in creating value.

Vue | Nuxt JS | Netlify | Netlify Forms | SCSS | CSS Grid | Git | Github | CI/CD | Node JS

Alethic Resources

official website of Alethic Resources Nigeria Limited

React | Bitbucket | Netlify

Template String Parser

a package for interpolating strings. replace parts of a template string with passed object key : value


Sprocket API Frontend Demo

Frontend Demo consuming API of a store of products with features such as filtering, sorting and pagination.

React | Next JS | RSuite JS | SCSS | AJAX | Heroku | Git

Result Request System

The Development of a System to Request Student Results from Universities. A Final Year Project Demo.

PHP | Laravel | Vue | AJAX | Heroku | PostgreSQL | Git | Github | CI/CD

Smart XMX

Simple PHP Class to utilize Smart SMS Solutions Bulk SMS HTTP API

PHP | Composer | Packagist

Spectre CSS Examples

Spectre CSS Examples provides some quick html examples based on the Spectre CSS Framework

CSS | SCSS | CSS Flex | Git

TKP Mission Forms

TKP Forms

custom built form entry for TKP (The Kingdom Project) events and mission outreaches

Laravel | Bootstrap 3 | Google Docs

TKP Forms API V1

A collection of API Endpoints for TKP Mission Forms. Using jsonapi standard.

Laravel | JSON-API | Postman

Brain on Mission

built the brain on mission online goal card generator

Laravel | jQuery | AJAX


an affiliate online book store mainly for study materials

WordPress | WooCommerce


build a simple portfolio just like mine : fork then change the preset configurations and markdown pages

React | Gatsby | GraphQL | Markdown | Github Pages | PWA